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Furniture Corner Queen Beds

Make a statement with Furniture Corner LA's Queen Beds! With two locations in Northridge, CA, and one in Canoga Park, CA, you can find an unbeatable combination of both comfort and quality. Traditional to modern designs offer a huge selection of beds perfect for any decor. Whether you are redecorating or just looking for the perfect addition to your bedroom, Furniture Corner LA has you covered.

Popular Size

Queen beds are an excellent size for all types of bedrooms, as they offer spacious comfort for a single sleeper or two people. The queen bed is the most popular size, 60 inches wide and 80 inches long due to its ideal balance between sleeping space and floor space. One of the main reasons why queen beds are so popular is because they offer a good balance of price and value. Queen beds are slightly more affordable than king-sized beds, but they still provide plenty of sleeping space. If you're looking for an affordable bed that will serve you well for years to come, a queen bed is a great option. With enough sleeping space for two adults, it allows people to sleep close without feeling too cramped while also being small enough to fit into more modest living areas.


Queen beds are a must-have for any home. Furniture Corner LAoffers a wide selection of queen beds that can add a touch of elegance and luxury to any bedroom. Whether you are looking for an elegant bed frame or a plush mattress, we've got it. Queen beds come in a variety of styles and materials. From sturdy wooden bed frames to luxurious fabric-covered headboards, there is something for everyone here at Furniture Corner LA. For those looking for a classic look, our selection of wooden queen beds provides a timeless appeal that looks great in any room. Additionally, we offer upholstered fabric headboards for an extra touch of elegance. For those wanting even more comfort, our luxurious mattress selection includes firm, plush, pillowtop, euro top, and many more options. With high-quality materials used in all products, customers can be sure they are investing in quality and comfort that will last for years.

A queen-sized bed is a perfect addition to any bedroom. Whether you're single, married, or have kids, a queen bed offers plenty of space for sleeping two people comfortably. It's also ideal for anyone looking for a little extra room for lounging and relaxing. With so many styles to choose from, it can be hard to decide which queen bed is best suited to your lifestyle. But once you've found the perfect one, you'll enjoy the added comfort and convenience of having plenty of room to stretch out all night long.

Go-To Furniture Store

Furniture Corner LA should be your go-to destination for all types of home furniture. Featuring an array of modern and classic pieces, we have something for every budget and style. With high-quality materials used in all of our products and a commitment to customer satisfaction, you can be sure that you are getting the best value for your money. And once you get one piece of furniture, it will be too hard to resist another piece from the vast range available at one of Furniture Corner LA's two locations in Northridge and Canoga Park, CA.